Saturday, 18 September 2010


You know what questions captivate me the most, the questions I ask myself, the questions that enlighten my soul.  What is this amazing, realism, reality, we are lucky enough to experience?  What does it mean to live a life, and does it have significance in the game being played?  What is beyond our comprehension, our limits of understanding?  Will my life carry on, to other unknown dimensions, when this reality draws to a close?  What is reality and what is illusion?  Can we break past set parameters, the ridged barriers and see the other side?  I would love to see the other side, and the other side of that side, until I have seen every side, every, plausibility.   Is life fate and destiny, set down with rules to follow?  Or does it choose its own, true flow?  Like a stream ebbing, to and fro, slowly increasing as each stream meets stream, until becoming a river.  Are we a large river heading for an Ocean, how deep is that Ocean?  Is it infinite or is it something beyond infinite?  This is what sets my mind, racing, flying through ideas and concepts, philosophical wonder, and mystique.

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