Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Mars Delusion

I find it rather strange that so many scientists believe we will be able to use Mars as possible planet to inhabit in the near future, as a sort of twin to Earth. I’ve watched programs where they suggest ways to bring an atmosphere, and other Earth like properties but it seems they are clearly missing a great deal of evidence or they are just blindly ignoring obvious problems to using Mars as a colony.

The first and most alarming miscalculation to this thought is that fact Mars doesn’t have a solid iron inner core surrounded by a flowing, molten, liquid outer core. So how will we create out magnetic field which keeps the atmosphere from burning away and keeps life from being bombarded by harmful cosmic rays? It is also too small, meaning less gravity than Earth. If you lived on Mars all your life, you would find it extremely difficult to come back to Earth. Earth also needs a Moon to sustain life, the reason being it keeps our planet from wobbling. It also gives us seasons and causes the tides in the seas and oceans. Mars has two tiny rocks nowhere near as large as the Moon, so the only life we could create there would be in some sort of habisphere. I am sure we might be able to use Mars as some kind of short stay holiday resort, or a scientist’s outpost, but I would feel sorry for the hotel workers or scientists stuck there. I suppose in a few millennia we will have advance enough to know how to turn Mars into a planet we can live on, but I would hope by then we have found better planets to inhabit, should Earth decide to have another extinction event.

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