Thursday, 16 September 2010

More good advice

***NOTE*** Wow just found this, I should listen to my own words now and again, I wrote this ages ago too, around 4 years ago.  Maybe if I had taken heed of my own advice I wouldn't be so f**ked up. Why is it always harder to take heed of your own advice, well it is for me I suppose the truly gifted individuals know how to use it for their benefit.  Maybe I will one day too, who knows.

Good ideas and policies will inevitably die, unfortunately good ideas and thoughts can turn out to be bad, as newer and better concepts are understood.

As long as we stay a democratic capitalist society we will start to stagnate, like the empires of old, they lost their power and are replaced by newer fresher ideas. This happens less and less these days and causes the stagnation. Hence all the good democracy and capitalism has created, begins to be used for greedy, me, me, me, motivated reasons.

Until society accepts that the only way we are going to progress as a planet, we need to get away from the attitudes of greed and selfishness. Everyone has the right to be who they are and not to be told what to do or what to think.

Until people are able to free their minds from the prison that surrounds them, and are able to comprehend the power that they can unleash their full potential will never be realised.

The planet is in a dangerous situation, it is close to the brink, it is slowly smothering itself, large group’s hell bent on forcing all to believe in what they believe.

These groups think they are speaking for the majority, they are not, they are speaking for a very small minority and they are through fear and coercion, controlling the masses, like a shepherd looks after sheep. We are not sheep we do not need to be lead, we need to be inspired.

People except living in a cage, they may not see the cage but its there all around them. Smash the cage and you will find true happiness. Suffer the cage and you may have times where the pain is not noticed but it always comes back no matter what you try to do or achieve it never goes away.

You need to realise you haven’t found happiness until you feel you don’t have to look anymore when that day comes a pleasure beyond imagination will be experienced.

Life is a game of snakes and ladders lots of ups and downs, but you can’t let the downs dishearten you too much and you can’t let the ups have the opposite affect if you learn to enjoy something to much eventually the enjoyment goes. If you sicken yourself, whatever it is, once you are sickened it is hard to appreciate again. Take things in moderation and don’t be worried about not wanting it, pretending to enjoy something when clearly you don’t is the road to oblivion.

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