Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Trust without deception, humanity needs to change to survive

***NOTE*** I wrote this about 2 years ago, it was around the time when teenagers were knifing each other in inner cities.  At least we have a new government now, let us hope they do a better job than the last one.  I think Brown's regime was probably one of the worst governments I can recall in my lifetime at least.

If anyone seriously believes, that the world we live in today is good, they are deluding themselves. Humanity is supposedly at its pinnacle, but I feel it is far closer to its own destruction.

We never seen to learn from out past. We live in a depressive society, where greed, power, and success are the only thing worth attaining. Gather as many possessions as you can, earn as much money, this is the way to fulfilment, but it is fundamentally wrong.

Look at society today, teenagers murdering teenagers, drug fuelled gangs attacking each other and the innocent victims, of their malevolence. Why is it, that the masses of terrorist cameras (supposedly there to keep us safe) are able to catch a dog doing its business, and be able to fine the owner, yet cannot keep these gangs of drug fuelled weapon carrying teenage thugs under control?

How can the bin men, refuse the collect an 80 year olds rubbish, and demand personal records of its residents, yet paedophilia and domestic abuse is still common place in society.

We do not seem to have learned anything from our past. We need to change fundamentally. We need to move away from the have’s and have not’s, market economies encourage less have’s and more have not’s. We allow most of our planets population to live in awful poverty and hardship. We seem to want to keep the masses down, western nations need to realise it will eventually lead to our downfall. Barriers need to be broken down, we need to embrace each as one, as humanity and not by nationality. We are all human, whether we like to think of ourselves as one or not, always remember together we will succeed, divided we will fall. Why is that so difficult for people to realise?

Here is a poem I wrote in one of my darkest hours, earlier this year...

I live in Britain it once was great,
It's now a cesspool full of hate,
One-time leaders of industry,
Now, its teenage pregnancy.
Camera's watch all streets and shops,
Yet hooded knifer's evade the cops,
Debt as high as a third world state,
We need to act before it's too late,
Government has lost the plot,
Sold our gold, a cut price job-lot,
Misery, is everywhere,
All is turning to despair,
Civil liberties have decreased,
Yet banker's bonus still increase,
No one seems to give a damn,
Look a minister's expenses sham,
How far down before we learn,
I live in Britain it's about to burn

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