Friday, 28 October 2011

Light of the Sun

The light of the Sun shines out like a beacon cascading across the world, bathing warmth and happiness, luxuriating unfettered joy. It leaves a sense of wonder and dreamy susurration, glowing wisps, incandescent flames, illuminating the glory of life. To feel its presence and marvel at its splendour, entwining all that is good throughout the world.

As a beating heart of life, growing ever faster, livelier, melodic, flirtatious fluttering, forever filling, the vast kaleidoscope of flourishing fortuitous actions. Binding, loving, longing, leaving loneliness aside, joining, holding, blessed being, lost in heavens warm bosom.

Never, does one ever, want to leave; the calming tenderness, the gentle kindness, the pleasant affection received. Harder to move away from the desires to stay, forced to make the terrible decision, to leave the safety behind, to venture out into the world beyond the warmth, beyond the happiness and into the cold of winter, sunless, moonless existence.

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