Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Breaking Bad best show on TV

When a friend told me about a new TV show about a chemistry teacher, who finds out he has cancer, and decides to become a methamphetamine cook, I was sceptical about whether this would be a TV series worth watching.

It sounded to me like a made up sandwich from another brilliant TV series Red Dwarf, it was a ‘triple fried egg, chilli, chutney sandwich’, all the ingredients are wrong but put them together and they make one hell of a sandwich, well Breaking Bad is a, ‘triple fried egg, chilli, chutney sandwich’ of a TV show. Everything is all wrong, but put it together and it works perfectly.

The story line is totally absurd and ludicrous; a small town chemistry teacher has cancer and has a short time to live unless he can get extremely expensive medical treatment. His son has cerebral palsy, his brother in law is a drug enforcement agent, and his sister in law a kleptomaniac, how does Walter White, the mild mannered chemistry teacher from the desert states, get the money to pay for his treatment?

In walks Jesse Pinkman, the local meth dealer, who just happens to be an ex school pupil of Walt’s, and so begins the best show on TV.

To be honest I wasn’t too keen on the first series, but boy did it soon hot up, into a suspense filled, thrill ride, who would have thought such a storyline, could be so captivating, and constantly evolving into an ever more elaborate plot. The show is pure genius, from writing to acting.

Everyone on the show is brilliant, I don’t think I have seen TV where everyone is great, no character is weak, everyone of them give their all, and in a way it is like a simple version of Lost, in which I mean it is like a maze, it is like a giant puzzle you are trying to solve, as the stories take shape, as well as the brilliant characters develop. You wonder how it will all end, as it will unfortunately have to end soon enough, for it to attain its high standard of plot and storyline, as well as character development.

If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad, I recommend you watch it all, you will be astonished at how good TV can actually be; I know I was.

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