Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Simple way to look at Evolutionary Perspective

Imagine your perspective on Reality is like an infinite jigsaw puzzle. The picture is so massive that you cannot see either side or where it may start or even finish. You have a few pieces placed near the centre of the puzzle and that is it. You do not have the advantage of seeing the finished picture, all you know is, there is an infinite amount of pieces pilled high on one side, and you are not allowed to start by finding the edges, all you can do is try to find the piece that fits the pieces, you already have on the jigsaw puzzle.

Luckily it is not as difficult as that, only nearly, because everyone you know also has a massive jigsaw puzzle and you can check to see what progress they have made, but this only applies to pieces that are similar or the same. Any differences will not be shown.

Another way to look at it is to say that the jigsaw puzzle is presented to you with all the pieces that your ancestors found, on the board already. You then add your own pieces to your own puzzle, and even though it is very similar to your ancestors, it is never the same.

You will never be able to finish the puzzle, in the amount of time you have at present. Unless you are somehow able to continue in another form after this form is dead. You will never be able to complete the puzzle, even if you had all the lifetimes in many different dimensions, because it is always expanding and always different for everyone, constantly changing, constantly evolving.

Each piece you find makes your life easier to comprehend, even if you do not feel it does. Due to the massive size, you will never feel like you are achieving anything, but you are, and you always have to strive to expand your own perspective as much as possible. I feel this will give you an evolutionary advantage over time.

Thinking further it seems as though the Universe is designed to be perceived and comprehended in many different ways, depending on your perspective and the flow of the energy transference before it reached you.

Imagine if we were able to perceive how the foundations of the Universe in its simplest form, beyond what we know, far beyond, even beyond the energy we see at the start of the Big Bang. Like Neo in the Matrix, we have the ability to strip down to the very core of the Universal structure. Is it as simple as that? Or does it somehow loop around and make what I call a constantly expanding, infinite structure, forming a perpetual loop of eternal existence. Never ending only ever growing, constantly changing, finding ways to expand and to grow, this is the Universe, or should I say the Infinitiverse.

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