Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Universe is like a card trick

A thought just crossed my mind that the Universe is similar to a card trick, or any trick for that matter, you either know it’s a trick and accept you don’t know how it’s done, or you can pretend it’s magical, and realistic, and not want to understand it. You may also know it’s a trick yet be in on what the trick is, and so the trick itself disappears and seems natural, or you can know it’s magical and also know the magic itself. These seem like states of illusion, Reality, the Universe, existence, whatever you want to call it, possibilities that may occur for the observer throughout its existence.

You can know the Universe is an illusion created by your brain, by some kind of energy transference system, and accept you will never understand or comprehend what it is.

You can pretend it’s a creation of a higher power with extraordinary powers of control, and believe they created everything in the blink of an eye (so to speak, maybe a week or so).

You can know the Universe is an unknown entity, of immense size and complexity, but have a massive understanding of your own reality, and have perfect answers to difficult questions but only as seen from you, the observer’s perspective. You cannot know or understand any other perspective until you know it exists, thus meaning you know nothing about the Universe in totality or actuality.

You may even be the controller of a Reality, or Universe, in fact you will be the creator, controller of you own universe, as part of the object existing in your perceived reality. You exist in your reality, as well as in the reality of others around you; collectively you exist as a species, a collection of unique perspectives, joined through millennia of collaboration, creating a collective perspective of the perceived Universe.

I create my own reality as they say, so I am the limit of my reality as well, and my limit is controlled by the amount of input received through the senses, and energy restoral devices, like breathing and eating. I have an inbuilt collective perspective, which are my instincts, my environmental evolutionary mutations, through DNA, and the memory of all such objects through their existence. This is then cemented by my unique perspective which is growing, learning, and establishing, an understanding of the Universe through the senses, stimulating the energetic particles flowing through the brain, which is basically addicted to learning new skills. This does not mean that another reality of another object would be comprehendible to us, or even seen or sensed, to the point that from our perspective, it does not exist. Yet from its perspective it exists and we do not, or they exist and we exist in the same reality, and are aware or its existence, so both exist.

Convoluted nonsense I know, but I might be right.

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