Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Dark World

There is a world we see around us; it is a dark, cold, world with no end in sight, no glimmer of light or warmth, just freezing darkness. The barren wasteland that stretches as far as the eye can see, the endless desolate planes, the marauding wilderness, a cacophony of silence nightmares, where evil dwells. No one should take this world lightly, for it is a gaping wound, a festering gash of swollen ignorance and pride. Bound and tied, gagged a misbegotten, seeping, sewer of putrid flesh, unable to renew, unable to rejuvenate, unable to flourish.

Like the darkness stretched out before thee, no one can see, no one believes that they are truly in darkness, they see a glimmer of light and they hope and pray it will bring warmth. Yet the light is but an illusion, a play of shadows, a dance of demons flickering in the dimming.

Where be the sun? Will it ever rise again?

Does the fog of war cloud the senses, and hold each man in bated breath?

Does the stain of dreadful doings, the miscreant, the raper of the world, pour scorn and guilt on to us all?

The terrible stench of his breath that poisons the good, leaving them weak unable to fight the cause of greatness, unable to seek a green and pleasant land, unable to search and destroy the devil. Clouding the minds, suffocating, befuddled, bemused, bewildered, perplexing, a confusion, a torment, no solace, no forgiveness, forever lonely dreaming a nightmare, creating reality, dissecting a legacy, destroying a destiny for all eternity.

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