Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Parallel Universes

Just watched a doc about Parallel Universes, it is quite interesting but it seems as though they are either dumbing down the doc to its simplest level, or they are over simplifying the process of Parallel Universe making.

They discuss how if a person decides to go one way or the other, the Universe splits in accordance with the interaction between us and Reality. They say if you go into a coffee shop and you may want either a Cappuccino or a Latte, one version of you will pick Latte the other Cappuccino. This seems obvious doesn’t it, but it is very blinkered and only discusses the human aspect of the situation. What about the atoms perspective of the Universe or the energies I mentioned yesterday? To say that we split due to choices is so simplistic it must be just dumbed down for the audience.

Why should it be that it is only humanity or even life that can do this? Everything is made of Atoms, so everything must be continuously splitting. And to knock it down to two or three decisions is looking at the problem, but only concentrating on one tiny aspect of the whole. I would suspect if you want to dumb it down to coffee, it is more like walking in and wanting every type of coffee, made in every way achievable, using all the relevant extras in all the different possibilities they can be used in. This then can be extended further by adding in which coffee shop they enter, and when exactly they do this, were they by themselves or with others?

This only accounts for the humanistic version of events, what about how each organ in the body interacts, or the electrical impulses firing around the brain. Remember that our sub-conscious part of the brain has determined an infinite amount of comprehensions, before our conscious, self aware side gets a look in.

What if every time we have sex, every sperm and every egg gets its chance to flourish into life, depending on the circumstances?

The ways to look at this can be taken so far as to make the whole, oh will I go left or right seem ignorant of the whole concept, and if dumbed down, only there to confuse the watcher.

If the Universe is infinite and continuously growing then it is likely that all interactions, at all levels, of every part of the Universe, including the parts we are unaware of, the parts we do not know exist at present, will be acting in the same way.

I’d say that is pretty amazing.

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