Friday, 7 October 2011

Economic growth is why we are in this mess

We are constantly told that the reason we need a strong financial sector is to maintain growth, but what no one seems to realise, is that it’s economic growth that is at the heart the problems around the world. This counterintuitive desire for companies to grow, as if growth is something that will never cease and never be all consuming, is what will destroy humanity, as it promotes profit and greed.

As long as we have the mentally insane practice of exponential growth, and the constant need to make sure everyone is constantly buying goods, we will never get out of the mess we now find ourselves in.

All that seems important to the people in charge and the 1% is growth; having more and more, but they have twisted this after years of elitist imperialism, and a privileged lifestyle, so they believe only they have the right to growth, and they have the right to own and control everything.

The people in Wall Street protesting now are protesting against the greed of the few, but deep down this greed can only be changed when our attitudes towards growth are changed. We simply cannot continue to grow, it is impossible, it is impractical, it is utter lunacy.

Certain parts of society are so obsessed with growth that they become inadvertently partners to the crimes of the real greedy bastards. In a way, they support the cause of our problems and so make them worse and worse, and the wealthy 1% knows this, and will never allow it to change.

It is so sad, when you hear that someone in the US cannot get proper medical care because they cannot afford to buy decent health insurance, or that it is in the best interests of certain pharmaceutical companies to make sure people are sick and unwell, because it will increase their profits, and make them grow.

It is terrible when you know that for some, war is the best solution to increase their profitability and growth, as they can make more armaments, and weapons.

It is beyond reprehensible that it is better for banks, especially central banks to allow countries to get into massive debt they cannot afford to pay back, so the countries concerned can be controlled to help them make more money, to make more profit, and increase their wealth through you guessed it, growth.

Growth is the demon, corporations, Politian’s, economists love, and blindly desire above all else, it is the cause and reason for our troubles, and no one will stop it because they are blinded to its evil.

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