Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Time does not exist

There was an article asking whether time exists, unfortunately it was a video and the video did not stream so I am unable to confirm their take on time. My take on time is this, it does not exist, it is a man-made creation no different to the Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, The Empire State Building and so on and so forth. Time in a way is a great hindrance in trying to understand the Universe, because we base time on our Planet Earth orbiting the Sun. So time itself is only a measure of this action, and so has no real bearing on the age of the Universe, or how the objects existing in the reality of this Universe, interact and compile their unique perspective on Reality.

Time can be construed as the measurement of the aging of the moment we all exist in; as we only exist in one moment and so time can only comprehend the illusion of moving forward. I think I have mentioned something similar before when discussing time travel. Time can only ever be relevant to the passage of time on this planet, in this dimension, in this moment of Reality we exist in. An example of this is the ease in which we manipulate time for our own benefit, daylight saving hour which is added or taken away to create a false illusion that we have gained or lost and hour in the day.

We cannot live without time, yet this in itself is a paradox because time does not exist and cannot be deemed a definite to survive in our Universe. Does the Sun use time to forge its pathway through the Galaxy? No. Does Jupiter of Saturn use time to create its orbit of the Sun? No.

Time is only there for mans benefit, and as we all know time can be perceived as slower or faster depending on instance, whether a real change in time is true or not.

We will never truly know the value or impediment of time, until we are able to travel to another star system and see if there are any real changes. The idea that if you leave Planet Earth and travel as fast as light (or faster), to another star system then return and you will be and different age to the people on Planet Earth has got to be circumspect at the very least. Logic may state this is so, but until someone does it, it will always be a human perspective created because of time.

The strange question is what could we create instead of time? What if we never had time, would another illusory creation be manifested to gain order in our world. Then again maybe all life forms have their own inbuilt time mechanism, as we know they do on this planet. I suppose all we have done is to take the inner mechanism of time and reproduced it outside of our minds, artificially mimicking the inner clock.

Time supposedly helps us to understand the Universe but sometimes I feel it is a block, as it gives values to things we realistically are unable to put a value on. The light from the stars we see in the sky are in our moment as seen now. To put a measurement on the light stating it is x million light years old is using the human time illusion beyond its boundaries. It is a bit like trying to use a 30 cm ruler to measure the size of Australia.

The speed of light always seems like a convenient way to perceive distance, but it is incredibly vague and can never be used as an accurate device. What if we can go instantly to another star system that we perceive to be 10 million light years away, and when we get there and look back at our own star the Sun, it is 6 million light years away, or maybe 10 billion light years away. Since we have been unable to leave our planet and perceive our planet from another star we will never know.

So we need time to control our lives, to take away the chaos of existence, and form a set value that helps humanity to exist. Whether or not time can be used as it is at present, to help understand things beyond our planet or beyond our solar system, I think we will over time learn and find out. Time is an enigma, and maybe it will turn out to be the key to everything as Einstein states, then again it may turn out to be a false dawn that has pulled us down the wrong path.

Anyway it’s just a thought.

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