Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Energy Transference is the key to the Universe

I have just realised this, so apologies if this is common knowledge, but I have never heard of the Universe being talked about in terms of energy transference. I feel we are looking at the Universe in the wrong way; we seem to predominantly see the Matter side of the Universe and divide up each other section. Yet we never think of the Universe in its basic terms, like in the Matrix, the pure energy, that deviates and changes into various non-pure energy transference systems, like Matter, Light, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Gravity, etc, etc.

If we look closely and think what the purpose of the Universe is, the answer has to be energy transference. Caused through evolution, expanding ways to transfer energy, and the reason life started and then flourished into creating a brain, might be because it is the most efficient or simply just an efficient way to transfer energy. And as with life’s evolution (what we perceive as life), or the Universe’s evolution, energies original evolution from pure energy (or what we perceive as pure energy) into what we observe all around us today, has been the basis of these mutations, causing the massive diversity of the tiny part of the Universe we know to exist.

Let us say the big bang happened, but whereas we say it came from nothing, what if, like electricity, where you can have a million volts, but with one millionth of an amp. The size of the amp determines whether someone dies, not the voltage. Maybe our unborn Universe was energy stored with a high voltage and low amperage, but something increased the amperage and caused what we call the big bang.

I was watching a Horizon doc, about whether scientists got it wrong with the unveiling of Dark Flow, which may show the Universe is far larger than first suspected, which always seemed obvious.

Most of the doc concentrated on the Standard Model of Cosmology, one part discusses Inflation, when the seemingly slow universe suddenly grew 14 million times, or was it billion, I know it was high. The explanation was Inflation, which was explained in the Math, as to be the reason the map of the cosmic background radiation was so perfect and the temperature all over was nearly the same, only thousands of the degree difference. This is the map I have discussed before, where I asked how they knew all this, well it was sort of answered, and roughly what I imagined, but still it’s not conclusive.

Anyway I am digressing, if the Universe started with a big explosion, then the Universe would grow at different speeds so causing different temperatures, the only way to stop this from happening was to slow the initial big bang explosion down and make it so that it did not expand until the whole of the ball of extremely hot energy cooled and stabilised enough to smooth out the peaks and troughs and make it all the same. Then it expanded. Now this causes concern for some scientists, as it is a very convenient answer to a difficult question.

Now there are two ways of looking at this the first is to say it is right, so what might cause it to expand? Maybe it was, that for a brief time after the beginning, when the temperature was too hot, or too cold, who knows, I feel it was probably too cold to be honest, and that as it stabilised, and the temperature reached a critical level, and this level was constant all over the ball of energy, then as with a supernova that has run out of fuel to burn, it exploded further, but the size was so large that it seemed like an expansion. Probably just wild imagination but it has just as much plausibility as any other of the proposed concept or theories.

The way I would see it is this, not to look at the big bang as an explosion to begin with, but a form of energy, maybe dark energy now I think of it, that covers everywhere, definitely from our perspective, and it certainly would be in our Reality. Somehow a catalyst was added, to the mix of pure energy, like adding amps to volts, to increase the amount of electricity (I think). This caused a widespread ignition of the energy, and it started to be transferred around whatever the rest of the Universe is made of. We think of this as the Big Bang, but it is more like a lightning strike, only it is all dimensional, and constantly expanding. This would take away the need for Inflation, if we acknowledge that it was energy in whatever form it was in at the time (we don’t actually know if we are honest what form energy was in back then, but since it is in many forms now, who is to say the type of energy at the beginning wasn’t a type). All I ever here is it was pure energy, but who says it was, none of the other types of energy that we can either create, harness, or observe, are pure energy it is energy transferred into another type.

I feel it is important to think of us as large sacks of energy and we live on a solid ball of energy, which is nourished from a larger ball of energy. This is what everything is at its basic level. And what it is constantly doing? It is constantly moving, and transferring into various other types of energy. Maybe this is how the Universe grows; it evolves through needing other ways to transfer energy for whatever reason.

This brings me back to the Dark Energy headache, it might be just as the Universe expands and the original changed energy dissipates into other forms of energy, that either eventually or through the expansion itself, allows the original form of energy namely Dark Energy, to seep back in through the cracks, for want of a better expression. Maybe the Universe has already split and this has allowed larger and larger amounts of Dark Energy (I wonder if it will always be called that), to fill the holes created by the evolution of the part of the Universe we know to exist, through its energy transference.

I would think there must be some Physics Prof, who could prove whether it is true or not.

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