Friday, 1 October 2010

The Wonder of Everything

Do you ever marvel at the beauty of our Planet? Do you ever gasp in wonder at all that you see around you? We are blessed to have such incredible splendour throughout the globe. In some ways the grace and elegance of our planet enlightens my mind but also haunts my soul. I want to see all the magnificence the world has to offer, yet I feel sometimes that it is unreachable. Now I crave a yearning and desire to see the world, our beautiful blue Planet, Planet Earth.

I want to see Stonehenge, and Machu Picchu, the Grand Canyon, and Mount Everest. I want to stand at the top of the Empire State Building, or gaze over Los Angeles from the Hollywood sign. I want to swim through the Great Barrier Reef, and climb Kilimanjaro, watch the Northern Lights swoon across the sky, and swim with Dolphins.

I want to travel across Europe and visit the great cities, I want to marvel at the Sistine Chapel, and stand at the top of the Eiffel Tower. I want to fly over the Nazca Lines, and walk over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, as well as bungee jump in New Zealand. I want to walk along the Great Wall of China, and stare aghast at the super skyscrapers in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi.

The list is endless, and if I was to continue to name everything in this amazing world I want to see, I would be writing for a week.

I realised that my life was not going to give me the pleasure of seeing these gifts of the world, unless I changed it. Though changing it has brought its own problems, and difficulties, I feel I will eventually be able to hopefully live out my dreams, instead of just imagining them. That is the hard part though, changing deep set beliefs and safety mechanisms, to try and make me a better person and hopefully one day I will be able to put my issues behind me, and move forward.

Even when all you see is darkness, you have to believe that there is a light at the end, even if the light is faint, almost invisible, you have to always believe, positively. I have to believe that there is a light, and that I will be able to accomplish my dreams and desires, the day I stop believing is the day I fade away and die.

I am not ready to die yet, I will succeed, that pushes me to get well, to not give in and become full of despair, and gloom. I will not fail, although, it seems as though the journey is difficult, and harder than I ever imagined it to be. But I will never give up hope, and that will drive me to succeed, and eventually whenever it may be, I will see the wonder of everything.


  1. Make plans Oh Captive Thinker and write down the dates . You would never get a meal in the finest restaurant without booking in advance!

  2. Well thank you for your comment it is most welcome. I know what you mean, but that is the hard part, making plans and sticking to them. Not my strong point unfortunately, I am more of a free spirit, not knowing the future, yet hoping it is all I want and hopefully a little more. I wish more people would write comments, whatever they maybe, thanks again :-)