Sunday, 13 February 2011

24 Hours without being - Coerced, Duped, Cajoled, Taken In

Why is it humans find it very difficult to see or notice or act against clearly harmful and divisive situations or circumstances. Before I continue I will openly admit I definitely fall into this category, I have been coerced, duped, cajoled, taken in and been quite obviously gullible to various things. Whether they are people, groups, events, products, view points, etc, etc, I could go on and on but I hope you know what I mean. I know I have been susceptible to these things in the past. I would like to think I am less susceptible now, but then that would be still falling into the gullible category. I am quite sure if the seemingly right whatever came along, and I was positively charged towards it, and it turned out to be rubbish, baseless, and unfounded or disruptive and negative, I would be fooled for a period of time. Until I realised this, I would be stuck in that paradoxical situation of believing utter crap, until I either woke up or mass change in awareness of said rubbish changed me; if that makes sense.

That in mind, it seems to me that although I can see this fault in myself, and in human nature, or at least try to avoid the situations causing it, trying to see right from wrong, many others in fact most others do not. Is it the fear of being different to the crowd, being the voice against something even when it is bad or destructive? The desire to conform and be part of something, to be like everyone else that makes this sort of thing happen, probably. Maybe it is the fear of retribution, causing pain and misery. Or that if one does not follow said process, love ones may be hurt.

The problem I see is that the more you pander to this philosophy the worse it becomes over time, if you take a prime example from the last 100 years; Adolf Hitler and the Nazi’s. Surely when they were brawling in beer houses, and ending up arrested for violence; this sort of behaviour should not have been allowed to be the basis of a political party and then government. When they banned Jews from nearly everything, and decided to build detention centres (concentration camps) and increase paranoia, this would wake up the more moral and intelligent people of Germany. Yet it didn’t, in fact it had the opposite effect. When Hitler started to invade countries, though peacefully at first, did people not think, this was not going to end well? Obviously they did not, and now we can say well the times and the situation the Germans found themselves in after WWI, they actively encouraged it. They wanted war to begin with, they wanted vengeance on others and they were quite willing to be subdued, coerced, duped, cajoled and taken in, by one of the evilest men in history and his evil Nazi Party. Even when things started going badly for Germany, and any sane country would surrender, they did not, they continued this madness for years, until finally when they were utterly destroyed, nearly erased from the map, virtually nothing, did the insanity end. You could argue old Germany was essentially obliterated from existence, then after all that death and destruction, did people finally realise.

This happens all the time, the nuclear arms race was another prime example, the US with help from many other countries, design and build the most dangerous and destructive weapon ever. They are forced to use this weapon against another deluded country Japan, to avoid millions of deaths. It is a horrible weapon, then again all weapons are horrible, it does not just kill, it maims and causes mutation and poisoning for anyone unlucky enough to be within its grasp and survive. Yet we do not think oh well lets only keep a couple of these destructive beasts, so as to stop further bloodshed in future no, that would be too simple. One paranoid deluded side decides they might use them against us, and we need to build nuclear weapons of our own, OK fine build a few for yourself, if I have some you can have some. That is not enough, we need bigger ones and more, so the arms race begins and trillions of dollars are wasted building evil, we never ever want to use. How barmy is that? And even today when we have a little more sense we are still building these weapons, because we are subdued, coerced, duped, cajoled and taken in, made to believe they are necessary, maybe a couple are, maybe ten each. But who are we going to use them against?

I could go on to talk about Governments, Religions, Corporations, Conglomerates, Banks, and even Climate Change, they all follow the same pattern, the only difference is that most do not classify them in the same way.

The same words can be used for all, subdued, coerced, duped, cajoled and taken in, and the end result is that millions of people die, millions more live in misery and the world gets sicker and sicker.

I wonder what would happen if for 24 hours everything was seen as it should be seen; I mean the true purpose behind everything on this planet. The real reason religions act the way they do, the truth behind whether climate change is real or not, or whether it is the pollution and greed of wealthy corporations that is the real danger. What is the true purpose of our governments is it to help its people or to help itself. I wonder if people had this moment of clarity, for 24 hours, what would it mean, and would they do anything about it, or would they fall back to their subdued, coerced, duped, cajoled lives and just accept it.

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