Monday, 21 February 2011

Balance on a Blade

Was there a time in your life?

Which was not full of strife?

Blissful, happy, content,

And you knew what it meant,

Or did you balance on a blade,

Sharp and slicing, still afraid,

No choice but to fall,

No control that was all,

One side it was great,

You were lucky, a happy state,

But then you were slack,

And you were forced back,

The tightrope was thin,

Balance was slim,

And so you begin,

To descend the other way,

And without delay,

And to your dismay,

Surrounded by blackness,

Nothing but emptiness,

Trying without success,

Stuck in a dreadful mess,

Yet you fight and you struggle,

And you think through this muddle,

There must be a way,

You hope that someday,

To get back to the top,

There’s no need to stop,

You climb out the pit,

You feel high what a hit,

But you’re back on the blade,

And the balance does fade,

And you start the charade,

For the balance... is lost forever.

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