Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Musical type verse (with no title)

Don't know what made me think of this, but it is a sort of musical type verse, a bit like what you would hear in 'Oliver!'.  Something I imagine Fagen would sing, with a sinister edge.  It needs a bit of work now I have read it back a few times but I quite like it. 

It sort of goes da de da, de da de da, if you know what I mean.

Does one feel alive inside,

Does one need to show their pride?

Can one use this all to hide?

Or will you sense apparent slide?

Motivation may provide,

Depth of feeling may subside,

Just because you may have died,

Never to give in.

I can see you standing there,

You just seem full of despair,

If you try you may repair,

Then finally someone may care,

Hope to god they will be fair,

You may not trust, you may beware,

Lest you try and lest you dare,

Maybe you will win.

Terrible feelings have you faced,

Against the storm you have been braced,

Forced to fight in such great haste,

Love and peace you want to taste,

Add emotions cut and paste,

Everyone you shouldn’t waste,

Happiness it has been traced,

Somewhere deep inside.

Finally you realise,

All this time you have despised,

Deeply hurt and criticised,

Half in dream world mesmerised,

Can you break out and finalise,

Use your gifts to utilise,

Now it’s time you must revise,

Before it’s all too late.

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