Saturday, 12 February 2011

Mubarak has $70 Billion in Swiss Banks

I read this morning that deposed dictator Mubarak has had his $70 Billion seized by Swiss banks. What a sick world we live in, where people like this can get away with keeping tens of millions of people in poverty, whilst they cream off millions and billions of dollars for themselves and their crony friends. To make matters worse, the greedy bastard may get to keep his loot.

These are the sorts of things that need to be changed about the world, and I am not just talking about Egypt, the Middle East or even greedy tyrannical dictators. I am talking about the wealthy billionaires of the world that hoard all this wealth and do nothing to help the world’s poor, needy and sick. They encourage misery for so many people, and they get away with it all the time. Why? Because they have so much bloody money, they can literately do what they want. So now the poor hard done to, ex President Mubarak, ah poor you, you have been deposed by your country, the one you have bled dry for decades, but hey at least you get a nice $70 Billion fortune to keep you company in which ever country you exile to, its sick.

I see demonstrations are starting to gain weight all over North Africa and the Middle East, I just hope those Islamic nut jobs don’t get too much hold. When times are bad people turn to either the exact opposite, or to extremism, I read Islamic demonstrations were happening in Jordon, that is not a good sign.

Algeria is starting demonstrations, they have been forced to live in a state of emergency since 1992; I cannot even imagine what that must be like for the people of that country. How can you live a happy, peaceful, existence, if you are in constant fear of incrimination, imprisonment, torture, and even death? It must just be absolute hell.

Then there is hell itself, otherwise known as Sudan, I see protesters were beaten to death and the chancellor of the University was sacked (I bet that really means imprisoned and tortured) because the demonstrators were students. Damn them students for wanting to be educated and find a better life.

Even in Gaddafi Duck’s Libya, (I cannot believe he is still in power) demonstrations are mounting.

Why can’t there be some finite ruling time around the world, we have peace accords and humanitarian agreements, we even have The Geneva Convention and it protocols on how to conduct war. Which if you think about it logically it utterly ludicrous, we are so depraved, as a society, so evil, so deranged we need laws on how to kill each other humanely. How sad is that?

If it is wrong to commit murder, and it is wrong to commit rape and steal as an individual, why isn’t it wrong for a country to do the same? Why isn’t it wrong for a country to systematically kill thousands or even millions of people, or even keep them in poverty, misery and virtual slavery, most of its population, whilst some greedy, evil, fat cats, at the top cream of billions for themselves.

This applies to the whole world everywhere. Nearly every country in the world has this situation, on a varying scale, from extremely dreadful to just dreadful. Yet no one does anything about it, well it won’t be long before the demonstrations spread beyond the extremely poor, obvious dictatorships, and onto the not so poor, not so obvious dictatorships. Battlefield Earth is only just beginning, its next phase in evolution. It is likely to be the bloodiest phase of all.

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