Friday, 18 February 2011

Reality Parameters – Should or Could we see the True Reality Matrix

It does amaze me how our minds, our brains, our conscious and subconscious thought process can extrapolate trillions and trillions of various types of data and information, and then some brilliant genius’s, can use this to create something new. It is an incredible ability; nothing that we know can do this sort of creative calculating, as well as we can. Is it any wonder some people continue to believe it must be the work of a higher power or God.

Strangely now I think about this further, should it be possible to know our own minds and how it all works, since our minds are creating our reality. Is it only possible to understand the veneer we place over the top? Can we really delve further, without breaking some kind of physical law we are unaware of? Umm something to ponder I suppose, what if there are built in fail safes, to stop us from ever getting to the heart of why we exist and what reality actually is? Fail safes might be the concept of believing in God, or even scientific process and sensory based evidence. Faith in what you see is true, as well as faith in what you feel is true. What if without our strict perspective parameters, we would not exist?

You know that bit in the Matrix, when Neo finally sees the Matrix itself. What if we are not allowed to see this reality matrix around us and if we ever broke through like a computer hacker, our concept of reality would end forever.

I know I am waffling on here, but I like to think and type at the same time and see where it leads, it might be nonsense to most people but I find it quite enlightening. You never know where it may lead and what may come from it, you just type away as I am doing now and hey presto something pops into your head, and you can without knowing make a record immediately. I like that.

I have many times (I know it sounds pretty stupid), but I have tried to think passed the reality parameters; to imagine the world outside and beyond of the world we see, a bit like Neo in the Matrix. I know it sounds really crazy and probably pretty sad to some, but I like I think deeply, concentrate, control my mind and force it down one direction. In the hope one day something unusual will happen, sometimes I think of amazing concepts, others nothing, one day I want to see a new reality, how mad would that be.

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