Saturday, 5 February 2011

Is Life Death and is Death Life

Is life death and is death life,

Maybe that is so,

Life is pain, life is misery,

Death is peace, death is forgiveness,

Life is torture and unhappiness,

Death is the inauguration of the release,

Life is cruel, and life is malevolent,

Death brings new beginnings,

Life it twists you, a vindictive entanglement,

Death it sets you free,

Yet we love and cherish life, we want it so so much,

But fear death, it is the greatest challenge of the unknown,

Instead maybe we should, most definitely,

Fear accursed life and all its malice,

Yet love and want death, for what it may show us,

For the beginning of death and the end of life,

Might truly actually and justly be,

The beginning of life, and the end of death, and the start of eternity.

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