Friday, 25 February 2011

If I ever

If I ever get the chance, to live the life I want to lead,

All my dreams they start to come true, and of course I do succeed.

If I ever feel fulfilment, with a longing and desire,

Will all this wonderment and happiness, get me out the awful mire?

If I ever feel contentment, lots of pleasure, lots of joy,

Will it last longer than the feeling; a child has with a new toy.

If I ever see the day, I can safely say that I am proud,

And finally I can stand there and remove the darkest shroud.

If I ever see any of this, what will it all truly mean?

Maybe it will mean acceptance, or something I have seen.

If I ever, if I ever, if I ever, if I ever,

Stop being so pathetic and start to do something clever.

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