Monday, 14 February 2011

Interesting Panorama Documentary about WikiLeaks

I’ll be honest I haven’t delved much into the world of WikiLeaks, but I was interested to watch the Panorama doc about it. It’s a strange one, and in a way one of those particular problems we face in the world society today. We would love everything to be open and for everyone to have equality, no one to have ultimate power and the people having the right to freedom. But how do we do this and what is the cost in trying to achieve it? I liked the idea, the concept of WikiLeaks and what it stood for, and I hope over time it will start to force a change with other similar sites in the ideology of the world. It may stamp out conspiracy theorists, and some of their ideas, but it seemed to me, although the idea is to bring about freedom, and level out the playing field, spread out the power in the long term. In a way it has in itself become one of those power brokers, it was originally designed to stop. As one person said on the show, pioneers never get things right straight away, and maybe over time they will sort this issue out. Where do you draw the line though? Yes I want to see transparency, but I don’t and I am sure most of the people on the planet, don’t want to see the innocent get hurt and maybe killed, because of the releasing of delicate information.

Data and information are power, and as the future unfolds this power base will increase, we don’t want to ever get to ultimate power. Why? Well we all know the answer to that one, ULTIMATE POWER CORRUPTS ULTIMATELY!!!

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