Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Passionate Passion

As the day passes the feelings inside, they grow and grow,

From a tiny whimper into a torrential roar,

The never-ending turmoil of existence takes its toll,

By the darkest of night acquiescence purrs into life,

To deal with what needs to be dealt with,

Desires they rage, burning hot straight from the heart,

Nothing can control the lust and the wants,

Patience is gone and a forbidden danger replaces abandonment,

Courage is the key to the events that flow like hot metal,

Needs and loves are all one yearns to fulfil,

Passionately without recourse,

Blindly forward unknowing, unchallenged,

Focused with clarity of thought,

Still clouded in a mystery to behold,

Finally tumult is reached,

A creation of climatic heaven,

Joy and wonder euphoria eternal,

A smile of warmest delight,

A silent whisper, a longing kiss,

Then close ones eyes at once surrender,

And enter heavens dreamy bliss.

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