Friday, 4 March 2011

Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop

Well I didn’t think I would like this documentary that much, but I found it was quite enlightening and brilliant. Considering I love art, I hadn’t really heard much about Banksy, or maybe I had but never paid much attention to what he did since it was street art, but clearly the guy is a genius. This doc wasn’t about him though, or was it who knows. It was supposedly about the most eccentric and the maddest guy in the world Thierry Guetta aka Mr. Brainwash and his rise from mad camera fanatic to world renowned modern artist. Whether the film is a big hoax by the genius Banksy is irrelevant I think, as it was good fun and shows what you can do artistically and I don’t mean Mr Brainwashes artistic familiarity with other artists, I mean the documentary as a whole. It was an art doc done artistically yet never boring always engaging and fun.

If the idea of the documentary was to show the foolishness of humans then it succeeded, if it was about the idea that success and fame come easier when endorsed by successful and famous people, then it hit the nail on the head. Plus what I found even funnier is that the guy does none of the work himself, he is just a name, like Chanel or Ralf Lauren, or whatever, haha hilarious, what a materialistic, bullshit world we live in.

I suppose if I got some famous person to read my blog and say they liked my stories, poems and my paintings, as well as thinking my political rants were cool and my philosophical ideas of the Universe fascinating, then my hit ratio would exponentially rise overnight. Before you know it I’m famous; have you read CaptiveThinker today, he’s wrote a new poem, oooh, aaaah. And what Banksy is trying to say is, it doesn’t and shouldn’t happen overnight. You need to feel the hard times to appreciate the good, and if you get immediate success without the try and try again bit, then what is it really but worthless and fake, and likely to disappear as quickly as it arrived.

Plus what do you class as success; to me success is feeling better, having peace, and freedom, and maybe one day having something published. And the beauty of life is everyone has different ideas on what they want and feel is a successful life.

Well done Banksy it was a brilliant documentary, in future I will definitely make more of an effort to see his artwork, as I found the limited pieces he created intriguing. Also it might make me want to paint a little more than I have been doing recently, which has to be good.

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