Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Big Questions, the Census and Creationist based Religion

They have a programme on this morning called the Big Questions; it must have been on after the Grand Prix. I was filling in the census and they were going to talk about it, so I stopped and listened. Before that they were discussing whether creationism should be taught in schools, I find it absolutely incredible that this is being discussed. How deluded a world we live in that they can waste TV time on this subject, fine if they want to teach it in a religious class OK. But to allow it to be taught as fact, and a plausible alternative to evolution in biology is ridiculous and insulting.

What a crazy world we live in, where these idiots can have such an influence on society as to literally try and force our species back to the dark ages. And what is worse they want to corrupt the young and force them into believing this bullshit. They want them to be controlled and forced into a subservient attitude, and it needs to be stopped now.

I find it amazing that people can believe such nonsense, it flabbergasts me to think that there are people who actually believe there is an all powerful man in the sky, who answers their prays and made the Earth in seven days, around 4,000 years ago. It is beyond comprehension that they can accept animals evolve, yet we have not. How do you stop people from being so ignorant of evidence? How do you stop people being so manipulated? How do you get them to wake up and realise what they believe is rubbish, and based on primitive early human intelligence, and a lack of understanding of the surroundings they existed in? How do you get them to understand the harm they are causing indirectly around the world?

How can anyone actually think that a book that encourages slavery, debauchery against gentiles, murder of gentiles? As well as demanding absolute devotion to an imaginary, hateful, selfish, super being, on pain of torture or death, and encourages persecution, and idolisation of one super being. How can anyone believe this rubbish? Are we that stupid in this day and age? Have we not learned anything from the years of horrific bloodshed at the hands of these religions?

You know what is really galling about it all; because we live in a free society, or an imaginary free society, we have to listen to these idiots. Yet most of them, if they had their own way, would not allow such freedoms. If they were in control of the country, they would ban the right to speak freely. Who does that remind you of? One nasty bloke from the 30’s springs to mind. You think if these creationists got their way and were in power they would be open to all other possibilities? Do you think the extreme Muslims would allow it also? What about the Orthodox Jews? I doubt any of them would be so quick to allow freedom of speech.

Anyway getting away from my reason to write again, which I seem to do quite often, you think of one thing then get side tracked. The census, it was pretty harmless, and it may seem a massive document to fill in but it isn’t if you live by yourself.

The Big Question programme was discussing the question about whether you should tick you are religious if you are not, if you don’t go to church. Well that’s up to the individual and they should leave it at that, to be honest I hope most people say they are not religious, as I believe most people aren’t these days, especially in Britain. But it is up to them, with my negative thoughts on religion, I hope eventually in years to come the question will be; are you open to believing in falsehoods and deluded flights of fancy, or are you an evidence based realist. Which is what I feel is the difference between religion and non-religion.

How much longer we will have to put up with hearing the crazies talking I don’t know, the weird thing is there are quite a few rational people who are religious but they are never heard, it is only the deluded extremists that seem to get their voice across. If someone wants to believe the world is 4,000 years old and that evolution is wrong that is their concern, but they should not force this opinion on everyone else. I am sure if someone came forward and said I believe that clouds are candy floss, and the moon is made of cheese, and that thunder and lightning are made when God is angry, that is their choice, but we don’t teach it in science class do we.

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