Friday, 4 March 2011

The Joining of Souls

The winds of change they blow through the hallowed hallways of existence,

The times they pass into a never-ending eternal solitude of contemplation,

The ecstasy of infinity envelopes the consciousness of the experience,

Entwining together with a propensity for the physicality of normality,

Bliss sheer bliss interlaces with the sense of wonder and meditation,

Joy and pleasure released inside the lightness of your soul,

Tumultuous assignation when all finally meet as one, together harmonious,

Energised, revitalised, rejuvenated, a wishing well of spirit and fortitude,

The combination and the realisation, brings wellbeing, excitement and liberation,

The dwelling and deliberation, forming newness out of absolutely nothing,

The expansion of the mind and soul, the pathway to enlightenment,

A sense of completeness, a unique feeling of contact and connectedness,

This is the joining of the souls, if this happens we will all be truly blessed.

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