Friday, 4 March 2011

What on Earth can this be all about?

When you fly above the clouds,

What can you see apart from mountains?

When you go up into space,

Suffocation it will happen.

When you’re looking all around,

All you can feel of course is coldness.

If you dive below the waves,

Drowning sadness will envelop you.

When you reach the solid rock,

How will you break through to the centre?

Once inside where will you go,

It’s really hot as well as sticky.

If you reach the inner core,

Immense pressure it will crush you.

Time to move back to the shore,

Ocean waves are so refreshing.

Can you climb high in the sky?

Or does the fear itself disable.

Once you’ve tried all of these things,

What’s left to do but leave the system.

Impossible maybe it’s true,

Then disappear, invisibility.

Maybe travel to the sun,

But hell it’s hotter than the core.

What about the outer planets,

They are big and they are beautiful.

I could write forever more,

But then again it would be tedious.

So I’ll leave you with this thought,

What on Earth can this be all about?

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