Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Strange World of the Internet Conspiracy Documentary

I am not sure whether most people will know about the Internet Conspiracy Documentary, but I can imagine the types of people that may look at this post probably have. There are many out there and I’ll be honest in saying I have seen a fair few of them. Some are good and have good intentions; some are really bad and have no probable likelihood of being true. Some open your eyes to the world and others try to close it or bend it to the will of extremists.

They generally as a whole follow a similar synopsis that the world is in crisis; it is being run by a handful of evil ultra wealthy white men. Which I tend to believe, the very good ones give valid reasons for their specific crusade, for example in Zeitgeist Moving Forward, the goal is to show us that we are using up the world resources at an exponential rate we cannot sustain. This is an example of an excellent documentary giving the good, the bad, and the ugly, as well as plausible ways to avoid such a mess. We have others like Loose Change, which seems full of excellent ideas behind what happened on 911, but also has some obvious falsehoods which make you wonder about the rest of the documentary. Then we have the Alex Jones in your face type docs, which I think are just more to do with popularity and knock the guy in power, whoever he is whether good or bad. Sometimes he makes some interesting incites, but a lot of the time it just seems like extremist behaviour for the sake of it. Then there is the type like I watched last night, called Wake up Call, which basically has very little originality, preferring to just rip off all the other conspiracy docs and bundle them together in one of their own, a lazy doc.

The thing I find most interesting is this desire to never see a one world scenario, ok the one they depict is a hellish nightmare, but to me the concept of oneness should be the ultimate goal. They talk about how the banks and wealthy businessmen rule the world, and desire unionism, free trade between countries, and they make this out to be a bad thing.

I understand the concept of a few elitist, greedy, white man, running everything, may seem a travesty but let’s be honest that’s the way it is already. And it is quite easy to paint a negative picture, I remember when I was a kid, and deeply unhappy, I would go into my shell and dream up a utopian society where everyone was good, and worked for the benefit of everyone else.

In my 12 year old mind, I created a corporation that would always put the employer first, believing that a well paid happy employer made more, dare I say it profit in the long term. Without realising it at the time, I had my company workers getting cheap housing, and other benefits people outside of my corporation did not get, and in a strange way I was controlling the workforce, by offering the best education, healthcare, the best of everything, in so making working for my company so good only the best would work there. The idea of this was of course to monopolise the market.

Give more, to achieve more, was my philosophy.

I also reasoned to create utopia you had to control the dark side of life as well. So as an inverse to the main legitimate company I had an illegitimate side called the SECCA. They were designed to cut the corners and the red tape, and to destroy despotism from the inside out. I even reasoned that for this to work you would need control of the government; the leaders of the world had to be part of the plan. You would need to create a pyramid hierarchy, where you only ever knew you boss, and never your boss’s boss. So you would employ people and they would network the work downwards. You would always know who you employed and who they did, but never who was above your boss. This meant better secrecy, and safety for the leaders and also made it impossible to know the level you were at in the hierarchical pyramid, you could be near the top or near the bottom and you would never know.

My juvenile brain did not know monetary concepts or whatever; it just reasoned this was the easiest way to create a descent society. But it had one major flaw; it relied upon a power base of people not obsessed by power, greed, and wealth. It relied on people wanting a benefit everyone, so in a weird way long ago, when I was just an unhappy teenager I had worked out a new world order.

I now find it rather sad that I was so unhappy and unknowingly miserable that I needed to create a utopian society where everyone was happy and free, yet they weren’t they were controlled by me, the mind of a child.

So when I watch these conspiracy docs’s and they talk about this new world order, it seems quite plausible to me, and if I am honest it makes perfect sense. But it only makes perfect sense if the right people are at the top, and this is where the ideas brought forward by the conspiracy doc’s cause concern.

The guys at the top they do not care about you or me, or anyone else apart from the people similar to themselves, and the one thing that stood out after watching Wake up Call is how these are the guys who run our countries. They are financed and then elected for one reason, to make more money and give more control to the powerful elite. These guys are so detached from normal society that they cannot and will not ever understand what it means to want to be free and happy. They want to be free and happy, but in their eyes to achieve this you have to be miserable, controlled, and imprisoned. It’s a shame really maybe if they changed their outlook; it would probably help them achieve what they really want to see.

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