Saturday, 26 March 2011

Stop the Bullshit and tell us the Truth

Let’s be honest it is now very clear the main reason why the AGW climate change issue has been brought before us. It is a poor attempt to get the world to realise the resources we use at present; oil, coal, natural gas, etc, etc, are not going to last forever. To also tell us, when we use all these types of energy sources, it causes environmental damage and restricts our development as a species.

Now if someone said that to me I would go really, well I see why we need to find renewable energy sources, I see the reasons why they are building wind farms, and trying to find hydrothermal power.

Instead they try to deceive us, believing we are not intelligent enough to understand such concepts, but we are, and since we are clever little souls, we humans. We have figured out by ourselves and without the help of the media, or the government, or spin doctors, or the plethora of other QUANGOs that exist to try to confuse and bamboozle you into believing exactly what they say, for their interests, that Climate Change due to CO2 is rubbish.

The people who say they are green, and want to see a reduction in greenhouse gases don’t really, they are not in the slightest bit interested in that goal, they want to get what they want, and they are willing to go down any route to achieve it.

The latest green dumbass is Tim Flannery, who has said this on a talk radio, “Just let me finish and say this. If the world as a whole cut all emissions tomorrow the average temperature of the planet is not going to drop in several hundred years, perhaps as much as a thousand years because the system is overburdened with CO2 that has to be absorbed and that only happens slowly.”

So he is saying that if we cut all emissions, (what does that mean, if every human was killed since we pump out quite a bit of the old CO2), it won’t make a jot of difference for up to a thousand years.

Now you can read this many ways, the first way is to say that all the carbon taxing and the stupidity of wasting billions of dollars is pointless, and should be spent of finding better answers than reducing CO2. Why can’t we put all this money into finding nuclear fusion, I wouldn’t mind if the money you are stealing from me was used in the pursuit of that goal.

Another way you can read it is this way, that essentially CO2 has no baring what so ever on the climate. Again it means spending all this money on useless, ineffective, solutions is a total waste of time, money and effort, especially when we should be addressing bigger issues, like finding the answer to nuclear fusion.

Come on governments, climate scientists, and the rest of you pretendy do gooders, tell us the truth, no more bullshit, because the well being of billions of people is in your hands. Stop treating us like mushrooms, we can handle the truth.

Come out with it and say hey ok, we made a mistake it’s not CO2, it’s the fact we are not going to have any fossil fuel resources left soon, and we need to change from a fossil fuelled world to a renewable fuelled world, quickly. We need to tax you to pay for the changeover; it’s not going to be easy or simple. It’s going to take a large amount of effort, but if we all work together and focus on the issue at hand we will succeed because we are humans.

We can figure out nuclear fusion, we can find hydrothermal power, and use the tides, create solar energy farms in the deserts of the world. We can do this, just stop the bullshit and tell us the truth, now before it’s too late, because if you continued to lie and deceive us, then another extremist idiot may come along, and we will descend into something far worse. It has happened before and will happen again.

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