Thursday, 10 March 2011

Different Sides of the same Bad Penny

I read this morning about a radio interview from Australia, they are discussing carbon trading and whether it is a good idea or a waste of time. Supposedly their government wants to use tax payer’s money to advertise on TV, to promote this loony concept. Later in the interview (the link is below), around half way through, they talk to Jill Duggan, she is an expert in the carbon markets European Commission’s Directorate-General for Climate Action. Duggan is responsible for helping to instigate the massively expensive reduction in carbon for the EU by 20% by 2020. She clearly has not considered the implications of her actions on Europe, as is evident when she is asked how much it will cost. Her answer she does not know, they tell her it says $250 Billion, she then says she doesn’t believe that figure. They then ask how much it will reduce the temperature of the world. Her answer she does not know, they tell it’s around 0.05 of a degree by 2100. She mumbles and bumbles and finds it difficult to speak after this. She then tries to change the subject by talking about the amount of jobs it is creating, and claims it will create one million new jobs. Yet the interviewers have figures from reliable sources stating, in Scotland so far green jobs have cost them three jobs lost to one green job created. They end the piece by saying if we continue to add more and more wind farms we will eventually not be able to sustain regular electricity in Britain, and we will virtually become a third world country. The scary thing if true is how the woman behind the whole scheme to initiate carbon trading does not know how much it will cost and how much it will reduce the temperature. Can you imagine going into a meeting to pitch an idea and not knowing how much it will cost and what the saving will be, it’s utterly ridiculous.

Here is the link listen to it yourself, it starts getting interesting half way through roughly.

Click here for Radio link

You see this is the problem with the world, you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t; we are getting shafted continuously from all sides. I could use a crude line from Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction but I won’t. I know I have talked about the greedy bankers and corporations but these guys are just as bad, it reminds me of a similar situation the Russians had just before Operation Barbarossa, one general said they had two choices, the evil tyrant that spoke German, or the evil tyrant that spoke our language Russian, we picked the Russian.

We are stuck between a rock and a hard place, greedy bastards are attacking us from both sides, everything is turning to shit quicker than you can ever imagine. Supposedly we are in the depths of a recession and if I am to believe the documentaries I have seen recently, it is all caused by the large banking cartels, which run the central banks. How can the central banks of the major countries be run by private firms, supposedly all they do to cause growth is to allow more money into a country and when they want to cause a recession they just stop the money, it’s that simple.

So we live in a world where a small group of influential men dictate our lives, and they control the governments, and at this moment in time our government is trying to cut costs and save money. Yet it is prepared to sacrifice up to $250 Billion to reduce something that will have no effect on the world climate. Why can’t they get rid of the central banks why isn’t it controlled by government? How can the world’s economy, be run by the greed of a few men, who are not interested in a nations wealth or the wellbeing of its people they are only interested in accumulating more and more wealth.

Supposedly this is how it works, they flood the markets with lots of money which has to be paid back with interest they then take this money and through fractal lending (this is where you lend up to ten times the amount you actually own), lend the money back out at interest. Then when you want to cause a recession all you do is reduce the amount of money available and this makes all the banks have to call in the loans they have given out, and causes massive bankruptcy in the economy. Then when everything is worthless the big banking cartels the likes of the Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s buy up all the bankrupt companies for next to nothing.

When is all this lunacy going to end?

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