Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Big Questions – is there any evidence of God?

As I have said many times I like to think outside the box which leads me to well sometimes have rather strange notions and concepts. I like this type of thinking even if it can be an awful drain and nightmare, at times.

On Sunday morning there was a program on called the Big Questions and they were talking about whether in this day and age you can find evidence of whether God exists. Now as I know I change my mind quite often, I am always willing to see other people’s points of view and try to incorporate them into my thinking. I have said before I don’t believe in God, especially the religious one, and I have also used God as a metaphor for other things. I have thought that due to my thinking, God can exist but not from our perspective of reality. And I think I have said that belief is so strong in humans that if you believe something strong enough, then from your own personal perspective God can exist since you create your own reality, and if in that reality you have a space for God then good for you.

After watching that programme which had all kinds of people on, some with rather crazy notions, others typical reglious weirdo’s, some scientists, some priests of different denominations. It then suddenly stuck me that the problem about God is the fact; it - meaning God, in itself is just a word. And has many meanings to many different people, but it has been taken over by the awful religious God and so clouds the thinking of many.

I realise, I would describe God as being an expression of human imagination, utilised, used and abused by nearly everyone, even atheists. Now the reason lots of people now don’t like the word atheist, is that it’s not really true, it’s more anti religion than anti God.

When I felt elated after the act and subsequent delusion I never felt the need to think any higher power was involved. When it ended I knew it was my mind and my subconscious thought process handling a difficult situation. I hope I learn something from it, but I know the way my mind works that it will see it as some kind of breaking down of the emotional barriers, which have risen over years and years, since I was a child. The water is still pouring out of the dam, or should I say to be more accurate, the poison is still pouring out of the dam.

How much poison is in there to get rid of I am not sure, and I am not sure why I suddenly changed to talk about it either? Another metaphor, I am good at creating metaphors and analogies, of the whys and wherefores; what can it mean who knows I certainly don’t nowadays.

So getting back to God, you will never find evidence of God, you can only imagine God as human creation to be utilised as we see fit, in good ways, bad ways, and even strange ways.

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