Friday, 20 January 2012

Dreams and Whispers

Dreams and whispers, heavy laden shadows, cover all as we await the end of the world. Deep is the darkness that descends, cold is the feeling that covers the world like a frost awaiting doom. Impending silence, stillness, motionless, as slowness takes its toll, before eventually stopping. Crawl inside the nearest cave; make your dwelling there, until the terror has passed by and nothing but the scorched and scared lands have been cleansed of evil forever more.

Nothing can stop it now, it has been started and it will only stop when it is finished. It is the ticking time bomb, but there is no one to dispose of it, meaning it will eventually reach zero and then oblivion will unfold. First it will obliterate the lonely sea, before crushing the lands, leaving a desolate wasteland. Demons will roam the lands and sadness will descend on all the hearts and souls left to fend and forage, before eventually starved of love and all emotion, they painfully end in undying agony.

Howling winds rip the flesh from the bodies of the dead, like a super heated sand blaster, it will strip the land of any nourishment. Making it impossible to survive; yet survive we must, and find a way to make the most of what is left. Survival is the key, and how this happens is unclear. Too much pain and misery will have passed, leaving many empty shells, many forgotten souls, the unlucky ones.

Unknown is the time, unknown is the place, but it will happen, and when it happens most will be set free.

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