Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Internet Strikes Back

After having a miserable day dealing with things I would prefer not to have deal with, having to suffer the terrible suffocation of my situation, and all that it entails. I decided to take a quick look at Newsnow to see if there was anything that might cheer me up, and to my surprise there was.

I saw this new site called US Web Censorship Bills, and thought I would take a look, today Wikipedia and other major internet sites went dark, or were deliberately blocked to show people what it will be like when the US try to take over the internet, and control what you see and what you read, and anything they don’t like or probably you’ll have to pay a price for, otherwise it will be blocked.

I wonder if some of the stuff I write would suddenly be classed as treason against the new anti internet regime. According to what I have been reading, they want to supposedly stop piracy, and get sites like Pirate Bay blocked, but it is really a clever ploy to control the internet and the next phase in the 1984 approach. George Orwell’s scarily dark book about government control is drawing ever closer. No doubt there will be some massive internet disaster similar to 911 to allow the US government to get their own way, and curtail freedom of speech.

The fact that Wikipedia and other major internet companies are against the whole web censorship bill, and are willing to block their sites for a day speaks volumes to me. I thought the US was a free country, doesn’t sound like it is these days, and is unlikely to be in future if bills like this are allowed to be passed.

As the terrible film Braveheart states, “tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they'll never take... OUR (internet) FREEDOM!”

You cannot put freedom because we lost that many years ago, with the introduction of debt as a means to control the masses.

So after we have had “Web Wars”, we now have, “The Internet Strikes Back.” What will be next “Revenge of the Wikileaker”? (Revenge seems more suitable than return)

I am trying to feel better, it is a hard process but at least I like the fact the big companies are opposed to the US government blocking the internet. Isn’t blocking what they do in China, and isn’t it what the Middle Eastern countries like Tunisia, Egypt and the like been fighting to remove.

The internet is a giant brain, and as soon as you start to block parts of it, you are lobotomising that brain; you are deliberately killing that brain. Anyway you cannot control the brain it is now far too large, you lost the brain many years ago, and it will grow and grow into a powerful new life form.

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