Thursday, 12 January 2012

The love hate relationship people have with film

Maybe it’s because I can go through a plethora of emotions in one hour, never mind a day that I can say I both love and hate films. I really love them but at the same time I can really hate them, depending on the mood I am in and the situation I am watching them.

What I find fascinating is how other people perceive the same films and I love reading the comments on IMDb, it is amazing how much some people can love or hate a film. Not everyone will understand this, I think you have to be a film buff so to speak or film geek to truly understand why some people get so worked up about this film, or that film.

The thing I find funniest, is idea that you have to be a certain type of person to enjoy a certain type of film, which I find strange, this comes out a lot on IMDb, maybe it’s the age of the people writing they are maybe adolescent in their attitudes, and so have this desire to be one thing or the other.

Personally I find sometimes I like crap and will freely admit to enjoying some of the worst type blockbusters that are around, in the eyes of some film critics they are total rubbish. But I like them because I love films, and I managed to see them in the best possible way to view whatever blockbuster it maybe, I loved Transformers 3 in 3D on an IMAX screen, who cared the story was rubbish that wasn’t why I liked it. I couldn’t watch it again on a small screen it would be dreadful, but on a massive screen these films are cool, and I am a crazy old guy, not some young fanboy (as they are called, not sure why they are called that).

Similarly though I can enjoy, The Tree of Life, or Melancholia, in the right setting they are amazing, but I doubt I would like them at the cinema weirdly. To me they are more personal films you need to savour; they bring out emotions I don’t want to share at the cinema. I loved Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris it was fantastic film, yet I can still enjoy an old Doug McClure film which is really second rate, though can be enjoyable if in the right mood for such a film (you really have to be in a certain mood to like a Doug McClure film believe me).

Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn are two of my favourite actors; I love everything they have done, including the less popular stuff. I even like musicals and I’m not gay, I think some of the greatest films ever made are musicals.

I just feel you can have more than one type of taste in film, you can like Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and Barry Lyndon, two of my favourite films. As well as liking Steven Spielberg’s Jaws and Indiana Jones trilogy or should I say quadrilogy, are also some of my favourite films. You can enjoy miserable boring films as much as exciting thrillers, comedies, horror, sex and violence, even kids films.

I suppose the best example of difference is Alien and Aliens, you can like both even though they are totally different, I even love the third one, David Fincher’s first film I think, and the fourth. I can’t wait to see Prometheus, as Ridley Scott is one of my favourite directors, Blade Runner is a classic, but I can still like all James Bond films, and Harry Potter.

At least I can because I just love films, and hate them of course, especially certain ones. I have the certain films like everyone does I suspect, that I just will never like and don’t understand how they are popular, but they vary. I hate Apocalypse Now and Seven Samurai, I don’t see why people like ET, or Braveheart, and I’m not too keen on Close Encounters of the Third Kind, or A Clockwork Orange for that matter.

Films give me an emotional buzz at times when I am really enjoying one, yet they can also make me feel bored to death, if not in the right frame of mind. Anyway I just thought I would write about films instead of the other stuff I’ve been writing about recently.

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