Monday, 9 January 2012

A Portrait of Adolf Hitler in colour how dreadful

I am as I have said many times fascinated by the Second World War, it does beggar belief how stupid we humans can be and the lengths some people will go to get power and control. Now is there any need to see the most hated man of the last century in colour, come on.

I can understand making the whole war into colour it adds to the realisation of the horror being created, but the smelly psycho who hoodwinked a nation, do we really need to see him in colour? I watched the Third Reich in colour and that was fascinating, but next we will see him in 3D and then we will have him as nearly being whole again, and that cannot happen.

It is a wonder how such a little thug could end up at the top of the pile of most infamous evil bastards of the last century. He had a lot of competition, nearest rival being good old Stalin, but Stalin put the fear of god into everyone who knew him, whereas Hitler was for a time a short time loved and admired by millions of delusionists in his country and many others. They say Henry Ford was the first foreign dignitary to receive some kind of Nazi award, and Hugo Boss designed the uniforms for the SS, just think of that whilst you’re driving home tonight, in your Ford whatever and your designer suit.

What the hell did he have, it really makes me wonder, because if you ever see the excellent docudrama starring Robert Carlyle you see he was a Nazi sorry nasty bastard for quite a while. And he use and abused many to get where he was the most powerful man in Europe. Women would wet their knickers over the guy; it just shows you does it not. He was an ugly little waster, who was not even intelligent, he ran his party like a school ground bully would run a playground, and somehow he was allowed to be master of nearly all of Europe, and be responsible for the deaths of millions of people, many in horrific, torturous and barbaric ways.

Why was he allowed, he was allowed because the world was in deep crisis, because of the bloody banks, and the crash of 1929, Germany had nothing, it was penniless and in debt up to their eyeballs and had a great many disgruntled ex soldiers, who were slightly pissed off that they had lost the last war; the supposed Great War, the war to end all wars, the war that never really ended.

There was in-house fighting between the right and the left, and one balled one won. According to the documentary, Hitler was even accused of having his own cousin or some relation he was having a sordid affair with, murdered though it was said she committed suicide, she claimed he made her perform sick sex acts and she wanted to leave him. Yet he still rose to power and was loved by his people, some of them were deluded right up to the end, even after seeing the death camps, he had brain washed them so totally they believed anything and everything they were told.

Makes you wonder doesn’t it.

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