Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Who is this Tebow fella?

Just read an interesting article on Bleacher report saying Soccer (it’s really football, but I suppose Bleacher Report is an American site, not sure why the Americans decided to call American Football as we in the rest of the world know it – football; throwball would be more accurate) needs a Tim Tebow. I’ll be honest until I saw another article saying Tebow or UFC I had never heard of the guy and wondered who he was and what he had done.

Now I have always liked NFL, it’s about the only American sport I have watched regularly in the past, though I have had phases of watching Baseball, (I watched this year’s World Series at least the highlights, but the great thing about watching American sports is there are so many ads the highlights is nearly the whole game minus the ads, well it is over here) and Basketball mainly when Michael Jordan played as he was great to watch.

Recently though I haven’t seen much NFL, I’ve been a Dallas Cowboys fan since I was a kid when I saw them on TV back in the 70’s and they stuck in my mind and I loved to watch the highlights on Channel Four in the 80’s. Anyway I haven’t seen any NFL this season, but I watched the highlights (whole game without ads) on Sky on Sunday, because the great Tom Brady was playing, (at the time I didn’t know what he was going to do and Brady and the whole Patriots team were amazing) and there was this Tebow fella, on the Denver Broncos team.

Well it surprised me all the hype over this guy especially after one of the greatest Quarterbacks ever went and destroyed Denver and Tebow was sacked countless times and they kept saying the amount of yards he was losing and on how many plays. Then I saw this article saying Soccer (football) needs a Tebow, and then I realised that he was a nice guy, confident and arrogant and always saying he loves Jesus, and saying its Jesus who he has to thank.

And this is what really frustrates me about the world; a nice guy who has a talent can thank a fictitious rebel rouser who was made into a deity by the Romans to control their empire. You might as well thank Sherlock Holmes or James Bond; at least they are based on real people. Or you could thank Alexander the Great or Isaac Newton; they were real people who did real great things.

Anyway I am digressing football does not need a Tebow, NFL may like him, or love him or even hate him, but if you want to thank anyone for your gifts, thank your ancestors, your upbringing, yourself, and your coaches, at least they did actually have a part in it.

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