Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Internet Rapsody

I am just fooling around but this is to a bit of Bohemian Rhapsody, which starts – “Mama just killed a man.”

I nearly did the whole song but it’s hard to follow with it being such a complicated song, when you only see the lyrics and you have to sing it in your head.  Plus it only took a few mins, it would take hours to do the whole song.

GAIA - I killed the net,

Put a bill against its head,

Pulled the pirates,

Now it’s dead.

GAIA - its life had just begun,

But now the US has thrown it all away.

GAIA oooh - didn’t mean to make you cry,

If Wiki’s not back tomorrow,

Carry on Carry on as if nothing really happened.

Oh well at least I feel little better now, not sure what made me put it to Queen's immortal song but it just seemed right, there was other parts but it would just sounded weird in my head. 

Oh for those who do not know Gaia is mother Earth.

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