Friday, 13 January 2012

A story about Confidence

Not sure what made me write this, not sure how accurate it is, it’s just a story using feelings as characters it means nothing and has no bearing on me or anyone else. Or it may be my creative mind using all the shit I deal with and writing it in a little story. Though I am sure if I made the story bigger it would be several pages long. But it was interesting writing about my mind from the perspective of confidence because it is one thing I lack and need desperately. I know it’s there somewhere but it doesn’t like to show its face too often, and when it does sometimes it goes over the top and get carried away. It got the idea from the old Red Dwarf episode called Confidence and Paranoia from the first series.  Its not the greatest thing I have ever written but it gets better I feel after the first part, I seem to get more creative with my feelings you could say haha.

I once knew a man called Confidence, and he lived in a house called Self. The street was called Determination and Confidence found it difficult to get out of the street in the winter, as it was a large hill and it was difficult to climb. Confidence’s house was in need of repair, it had once been new and well kept but now it had been left to go to rack and ruin. Confidence found this hard to deal with especially living on this huge hill of a street. Confidence had few friends and they didn’t help him at all, one of his friends was Consequence, and the other two Paranoia, and Doubt, and they were just not being the right sort of friends for Confidence to have around. He used to have a friend’s a long time ago when he was young called Trust, Peace and Happiness but they had moved away long ago, and now lived in another part of the city.

Consequences, Paranoia and Doubt would abuse Confidence’s house regularly, having parties, inviting all sorts of people who Confidence did not know, or like and Confidence did not know what to do about it. He had lost all the friends who were good for him, like Happiness, Control, Reason and Trust had left him for someone else, and his job was not what it used to be, he had transferred from a good company called Decent, thinking it was the right thing to do, but the new company Stress and Worry was not for him, but was stuck there and didn’t know what to do.

His so called friends Consequences, Paranoia and Doubt weren’t helping and his house was becoming more and more derelict, to the point that others on the long, large, hill of a street called Determination were complaining. His neighbour Mr Focus had had enough and wanted Confidence to sell up and move away, he felt his house was making the rest of the street look so bad, and he wasn’t the only one. Mrs Decision across the street was sick of Confidence and so were Mr and Mrs Reality. They had all had enough of Confidence and his terrible house, plus he was going out with Delusion and her friend Crazy, who were terrible.

Confidence eventually had to sell up and lost his job, he was classed as Destitute and living off the street called Desperation. He had new friends called Sadness and Misery, as well as having to deal with not very nice people who tried to take advantage of Confidence, Anger and Hatred.

Confidence wished he had listened to his friends Trust and Happiness, as well as others like Peace and Wellbeing. They had told Confidence on many occasions he was in with the wrong crowd, but Confidence wouldn’t listen because of this bloke called Stubbornness, and so he had lost his house and everything that it was. And he didn’t know how to get it back.

Confidence found some help from Caring and Help and they tried to get Confidence back on his feet, but Confidence was still living off the street in Desperation with his new friends, Sadness and Misery, going out with Delusion and her friend Crazy, others moved there as well, Guilt, Despair, Remorse, and Punishment.

He wanted to be away from these people so he moved into a new street called Isolation and this really did not help Confidence at all, even there people wanted to be his friend who were not right for his like Seclusion and Unease. He also had this terrible fiend called Uncontrolled Emotion who followed him constantly because he owed him money. Confidence tried to hide in Isolation but he was found by Lost and Alone. They were henchmen for Uncontrolled Emotion, Confidence was trapped, in a park called Nightmare, near to Isolation, whilst being chased by Lost and Alone and Uncontrolled Emotion.

Confidence decided to fight back and find his old house called Self, but he knew it was going to be a long road and he didn’t know how he could reach it again. This is where Confidence is at present, trying to find his house and repair the damage done by all the unwanted friends who turned out to be all part of Uncontrolled Emotions gang. Confidence had been set up by Stupidity and Delusion’s friend Crazy, he was only now realising he should of kicked Foolish, Delusions younger brother out instead of Trust, Peace and Happiness.

Whether he can eventually find his house and his old true friends we will have to wait and see, but he is looking and trying to find a way back and hopefully one day soon he will be able to find Trust, Peace and Happiness and live in his house Self, and repair all the damage that was done over many, many years. Since confidence was a small child, but now he can see his old street, the massive hill called Determination and he has these new friends called Creativity and Imagination, and he is sure he will eventually find a way back.

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