Saturday, 7 April 2012

Bigger Brother Britain

As if we don’t have enough intrusion into our lives now Herr Cameron and his lackey Clegg want to add internet snooping to the list of things they can know about you. The last true bastion of freedom in the world, the internet, is clearly now seen as a major threat to the continuing way the western world is controlled. 

As with the US proposals, the new European supposed internet security laws (there to protect you from cybercrime and terrorist threats ha-ha) are clearly to stop the ever-growing community of internet activists and people who want change in the world. 

The government’s argument is that if you have nothing to hide then why should you worry about the information they gather.  Well it’s simple because it is none of their business to have this information.  If you are not breaking the law then you should have the right to privacy, and this bullshit about nothing to hide well everyone has something to hide.  Now I think about it I would think the people with the most to hide are the Politian’s.   Why should they have access to all your emails? Should they know everything you look at or purchase?  What right has the government to this information?

Should they know every last thing about you? 

The problem with this type of ‘1984, Big Brother’ invasion of privacy is where does it stop, what is next?  We have seen so many of our civil liberties taken from us, supposedly in the interests of security.  But this is not about security it’s about control, it’s about the worry governments of the world are seeing everyday by the free internet and they want to stop this free speech.  They see what has happened in places like Tunisia and Egypt and think well if we don’t take control now; it may one day happen to us.

On top of this how do they deal with the trillions of terabytes of information they will receive?  Where do they store it all?  Who polices the information?  Who decides what happens to the information gathered?

If the government had its way, the email I received from Avaaz telling me what the government propose, I may have not received.  Under the governments proposals the email may have been blocked and how would I know it had been.

The internet is becoming a tool for the masses to use against the few, and if this bill is allowed to become enforced that will undoubtedly change.  This cannot happen, it has to be stopped.

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