Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Single, Atheist, Lesbian would never win American Presidency

Here is something stupid I have thought of.  It’s probably been mentioned before but it causes a great amount of consternation if you think about it properly.  At this moment in time the US is starting to go through the motions to pick a new President. As the rest of the world knows this person whoever it is, will become the most powerful leader in the world.  This of course makes the choosing of an American President quite important to other countries, even if those countries are not important to America or Americans.

Now what I find quite scary is how the most powerful leader in the world is chosen.  I have watched Bill Maher’s democratically biased show Real Time recently, not because I enjoy American politics but because it is hilariously funny.  Really a political discussion show should not have you rolling around in stitches because of the actions of the Republican presidential candidates. Newt, Mitt and Rick have had me laughing my head off in a terrifyingly spine tingling sort of way.  They make the hairs stand up in the back on your neck.  They seem like the nightmare that cannot be real.

The really, really, scary thing is this; the best person to run America and for that matter become the most powerful leader in the world, is chosen by the most ridiculous reasoning.  Let us say the greatest person to ever exist was in the running, if this person lived in any other country they would go down as their greatest leader, but, if they just happened to be a single, atheist, lesbian, female from Arabic descent then unfortunately they would have as much chance of winning as I would, and I am not American so I have no chance whatsoever.  In fact I could have a baby and win the lottery five times on the trot, whilst living long into my two hundreds and even that would be more likely than a SALF becoming US President. 

This is a sad state of affairs; basically any religious nut job would have more chance than a single, atheist, lesbian, female from Arabic descent.  Even if it was proven that this woman was going to be the greatest leader of all time, she was going to change the world and make it a better place.  Even if they knew with certainty she would change American lives and the lives of all the poor third world countries.  Some fat, religious, white bloke who said the world was less than 6000 years old and that sex is a sin and that Jesus is the son of god would stand a better chance in the polls.

How utterly fucking stupid is that.

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