Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Universe Poem

In my haste to delete old posts, the ones nobody read, I deleted my Universe poem.  I love this poem it was created at the same time as the Fine Day poem.  It was one of those days when you feel perfect or hyper if my psychiatrist is correct. I did not sleep for two days if I remember correctly, though this may be wrong.  I did the two poems, a painting, as well as a short story.  It was a good day overall.

Universe Unknown

Universe you astound me,
Persistently confound me,
Mesmerise my creative mind,
Feed my learning a need to find,
Your existence is unbelievable,
Totally inconceivable,
Apparently implausible,
Yet obviously irrefutable,
You exist, it's indisputable,
How did you come to be?

Yet thankfully exist you do,
For it is true because of you,
I am alive part of your soul,
A tiny but important role,
Perfect in chaos and control,
Expanding presence a constant flow,
An ever changing diverse directive,
Of every thing's unique perspective,
Forging forward always effective,
All things are possible.

Will we ever understand you,
Ignore the false and see the true,
To realise and polarise,
To see beyond your fake disguise,
Or is it all a strange delusion,
Causing chaos and confusion,
Conspiring, a complex collusion,
Always guessing, never knowing,
Immense and multiplying,
Forever growing.

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