Monday, 30 April 2012

Democracy Reformation

Today it is raining, it is foggy, it is miserable, it is cold, and it has been like this for some time now.  Yet our wonderful government says we are still in the middle of a drought.  Supposedly it has been the wettest drought on record. Using the word drought in Britain is like using the word sober in a bar full of alcoholics, it will never happen.  Yet here we are in a drought; that is the ridiculous stupidity of this country - Britain.

I realised this morning that one of the issues Britain has faced in the last 30 years is we had a strong leader in Maggie Thatcher, OK she was not everyone’s idea of a good leader, but she was a strong leader. The problem with having a strong leader for so long is that they become too powerful, too strong, and they overpower everyone else making them weak.  As we know eventually Maggie went to gaga land and the country was left to one of her weak siblings. 

After suffering this weakness for a brief period, the weak strong party was replaced by the party that had not been in power for nearly 20 years.  Of course they were enthusiastic, they were like a child with a brand new toy, they wanted to play and take full advantage of their new toy, and unfortunately that’s exactly what they did.

As with all immature children they broke their toy, but chose to keep that a secret from their parents or should I say the electorate, the public. They tried to fix the toy but the toy ended up being such a broken down mess, finally someone noticed.  The immature child was kicked out and replaced by an authoritarian matronly, school head mistress type party.  Unfortunately to be a matron or a school head mistress, you have to have experience and know what you are doing, and they did not know what they were doing. Since they have no experience, they are seen as sociopathic, unsympathetic and clearly unaware of the harm they are causing.

So what happens next?  The only option in Britain is to either vote in the immature child, who has no concept of anything, is so stupid, irresponsible, and incapable of leadership; a bit like putting a Billy Bunter in charge.  Or leaving the current bunch of brigands, who are more and more becoming like a bunch of insensitive, heartless, selfish, fascists. 

Something needs to change and it has to happen soon.  We cannot keep on going back and forth from one inept party to another, from one bunch of selfish bastards, to a bunch of clueless ones.  The elastic band is getting tighter and tighter, eventually it will snap, it will rip everything apart.  Just because we live in a 21st century does not mean people are less likely to revolt.  Things are worse now than in any time since the 70’s, but this time we don’t have a strong Maggie Thatcher type to try and bring about a recovery, we have a pompous, selfish, public school knob.  Though if you look at it properly you could say Maggie made it worse, but not because she wanted to, but because of the scenario she was left in, because of the idiots before her.  This cycle continues all the time, every decade, and we just accept it and laugh it off.

Democracy in the present form is a relic, it is corrupt and it is not working and has not worked for many years now, when are we going to wake up and realise it.  Do we have to go through what our forefathers went through to see a change?  I really hope not, but unfortunately history tells us that we do not change until it is too late.  You cannot ride a bike uphill without a chain, unfortunately now we have lost the chain, the tires are flat, and most of the spokes of bent, the breaks don’t work and we are about to lose total control when the handlebars fall off.  When that happens we will just roll back down to the bottom, nothing will be able to stop us.  If we are really unlucky we will fall off and damage ourselves for good.

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