Thursday, 19 April 2012

How do you create a credible party to govern?

The problem with government as everyone knows is it is exactly the same whether you have left or right in power. It may to a few deluded idiots seem different, but I guess they are starting to become a minority.  Westernised democratic government is a dictatorship nowadays, not a democracy, you can choose your flavour of dictatorship but essentially you are choosing from the same pot. Just sometimes you may pick out a red ball, sometimes a blue ball. 

How do we the people create a credible alternative, and how do we get people to elect this credible alternative, because let’s face it, humans are like sheep at times. It is very difficult to break away from the norm, to challenge the group ethic. 

I watched a documentary where they put a test subject in a room with six actors and showed each person three blocks of different lengths on card, then another block on another card.  Each person had to correctly guess which of the three blocks matched the other card.  The first time around every actor lied and said the wrong length, and when they got to the test subject he looked confused but said the right answer.  After doing this a few times the test subject became so confused he started to second guess his own eyes and sided with the actors who were lying. The group had manipulated him into believing a falsehood.

Now this is a simple exercise that supposedly 75% of people failed.  If it is that easy to fool and confuse a person into believing something that is clearly false, no wonder democracy has turned into the mess it is today.

If 75% of people are that easily confused into believing falsehoods, because they do not want to subconsciously be different from the group, this explains why it is so difficult to escape the world we live in.

How do you create a credible alternative from the leaches and pariahs that control us now?  It’s almost impossible.  I doubt it would be as easy to sway the masses, as it would be to just tell the confused test subject by slapping him across the face and say – look they are all lying, believe your eyes not your peers.

I thought when I started this I could think of a credible way to change it, but only one way comes to mind and that is not the answer unfortunately.  Revolution works in the short term but the violent nature of the action eventually causes the same series of events to occur.  The only way to solve this conundrum is by peaceful means and at this time we are not at that stage in our evolution.  Perhaps we will have to go through many revolutions before we get there, perhaps we will have to go through the continuous event process of revolution, change, peace, power, control, disharmony, action, violence, revolution, before we learn to change peacefully.

Perhaps when only 10% fail the above test will we be ready to grow up as a species.

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