Sunday, 29 April 2012


Do you walk amongst the shadows of the night feeling lost and alone? With the world on your shoulders bearing down, a heavy force stopping you from moving forward. 

Do you sense the darkness all around you, enveloped by the thickest soup of fog, closing in around, suffocating, choking life from you, never letting go.

Do you wonder if there is a reason for it all?  What is the purpose?  Is there a purpose? Or is it just a blank page of nothing, before splashes of life are added culminating in a haphazard mess of confusion.

Or is it just a giant puzzle of which you only have a few answers, to a myriad of questions and you will never know all of them.

Is there a reason to wonder, is there something after the light has gone and the darkness descends. Will there be another breaking dawn, a new day on the horizon of existence.

Is everything predetermined or can you change the path?  Or do all paths happen at once continuously.

Will we ever know and will we ever realise?  Maybe it is meant to be, that we can never be, able to fully comprehend the actually, of why we exist in the first place.  

Things just happen continuously, for eternity.  It doesn’t start or finish, it is always just where is should be, and can never be anywhere else.

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