Friday, 13 April 2012

Open Your Eyes

What can we say about the lives that are set out before us, are they real or are they just a thought, a dream, a consequence.  Can one imagine a better life, can one sense the urgency of their actions and instil of form of fortitude and focus, leading to an enlightened mitigation of reason.  Is life an unholy brew of sequential fortunes either good or bad, a chaotic mastication of ones willpower and honour?  Is it a deprivation of ones sanity, a closing down of truth, an involuntary urge towards flights of fancy, limited stimulation, careless abandonment of actuality?
Are we doomed to never understand or comprehend the vapid vileness of our situation and our insipid response, putting our heads deep in the sand, buried and closed from reality?  It is easier to close your eyes and envision a better world, than open them and realise this is only an imagined creation held tight together by the dreary incessant dirge of the deceivers.  A cacophony of phony eloquence, spewed out continuously until the ludicrous ranting of the deceivers becomes the norm.

Can one open one’s eyes to see an actual better world, one full of good intentions and aspirations, to see all before them as pleasant and beneficial, full of love and peace?  Can one smell the heavenly scent of life itself; take a lung-full of this precious potion of joy and happiness?  Only time will tell.

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