Saturday, 21 April 2012

Entrepreneur predicts coldest May in 100 years

I read an interesting article this morning claiming some bloke, an entrepreneur weather forecaster, has predicted an 80% chance May will be the coldest in 100 years and a 90% chance it will be in the top five coldest years.  I presume he means Britain, and I would say this is a pretty bold statement or he is a crackpot.

Met office officials predictably think the latter and that the numerical evidence (which let’s be honest here is never very accurate In Britain) will see an average mild May slightly warmer than usual.

The entrepreneur Piers Corbyn claims he uses "solar weather technique" which involves calculating how solar particles will interact with the Earth. However, Mr. Corbyn, 65, who has a degree in physics and runs a company named WeatherAction from an office in south London, declines to disclose his methodology in detail.

Since weather patterns are one of the most difficult things to predict, especially in Britain it will be interesting to see who is right by the beginning of June.  If Corbyn is right his company share price will go through the roof I would suspect.

I personally hope he is wrong because anymore of this dreary cold weather will be too much to bear.  It seems we are being punished for that one glorious week in March, because since then it has been bloody awful.

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