Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Quantum World

Let’s talk about the Quantum World.  This is a strange world according to physicists, a world where sub-atomic particles can be in more than one place at the same time.  Scientists say, try to imagine being in the Quantum World, imagine you are there, and you will see strange things happening all around you. 

Maybe I am being stupid but I doubt that is the case.  I am not a scientist but I can use logic to say they are wrong, totally wrong.  A bold statement no doubt, but when I say they are wrong I do not mean about how we perceive the Quantum World, from our perspective, but how we would perceive the Quantum World from their perspective, the perspective of sub-atomic particles.  Believe it or not they have a perspective too.

It’s easy to say if we lived in the Quantum World it would seem strange and unusual, objects would appear and disappear and be in different places at the same time.  Yes this is true as we look down into their world, using our math. 

What if though, we already live in a Quantum World, but from our perspective we can only see one dimension, one reality and the rest are invisible, they cannot be seen.  We can be in two places at once, we can be jumping around just as sub-atomic particles do, but we are only capable of seeing one perspective of this, one reality, the one we exist in.  This reality has to seem coherent and logical and follow in sequence otherwise reality would fall apart and we could not exist.

If we were to imagine being at the level of a sub-atomic particle, even though from our perspective we can see or calculate many possibilities happening at once.  If we were at that level as say a quark, at the quarks perspective they only are ever in one place at one time regardless of, and unaware of what is actually happening.

You see this is a major failing of science at least as I see it, it can only ever perceive reality from our view of reality, and it can only speculate on the reality of other objects.  We can never truly know.  Saying that, I would logically suspect that it is more likely everything lives in the Quantum World yet can only perceive one reality of that world, than the idea that it is different down there.

Logic would stipulate that it is the same everywhere when you are in the middle of your reality, but different when you are observing another reality from your perspective.  Until we are capable of transferring ourselves into the mind of other objects (I use the word mind loosely, as we cannot know for sure if they do not have a mind from their perspective), then we can never truly know what it is like in their reality.

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