Monday, 3 January 2011

3D – Does it have a future?

I watched Tron Legacy at the IMAX 3D cinema yesterday, and I thought it was excellent, far better than I expected. I had a feeling it would be one of the few films presently being produced, which I actually thought would benefit from 3D. The only other film was of course Avatar, but most 3D creations have so far either not been necessary, or made the film worse. When I watched Toy Story 3D I didn’t think the film was enhanced greatly by the 3D, it was just as good in 2D. I didn’t think Alice in Wonderland, was better in 3D and Clash of the Titans was much, much worse. You get the impression the big studios licked their greedy lips after Avatar, but only a fool would think the cash cow could continue for long. And they were even more foolish by drastically shortening its longevity by making so much crap in 3D. Will 3D survive the cinemas devaluation of the product, maybe not?  Somehow though I think it will, and it will thrive.


They did not realise what it was about Avatar that made people go wow, and want to go back and see it again. It wasn’t the story or the characters; it was the wonder and joy of witnessing an alien world with florescence, and all its bluish beauty. It was the flying in amongst the clouds, weaving between the floating mountains, and lush green forest. With Tron, it was fluorescence again, this time enhanced by music.

Seeing Woody with Buzz is not any funnier in 3D, neither will Captain Jack Sparrow in the next Pirates film, or Harry Potter flourishing his wand, yet we have or will be nearly forced to watch these films in 3D, and then there is all the dreadful garbage that is also produced. Will they eventually learn, I somehow doubt they will, before it’s too late, TV will rule 3D.

I am not sure about the rest of the world but I would expect it is likely the same, 3D TV is starting to take off, once Murdoch and Sky started showing sports, especially football, 3D TV seems to be on the increase. I expect everyone will have a 3D TV in less than 5 years because so much TV will be made in 3D. Most people will probably say rubbish, but here is why I think so, for one Sky or Murdoch, who owns Fox, and most of the newspapers in the world, as well as news channels, you name it he has a finger in the pie if its media communication. They start with films then sport, sports grows from football (soccer if you are American), darts, golf, cricket, imagine American Football in 3D, they might be doing it already in the US; it would look pretty cool seeing the Super Bowl in 3D. I hear The Masters; golf major will be in 3D. So once sports are shown in 3D you have a massive audience, I then hear that Sir David Attenborough is creating a nature documentary series in 3D, how cool will that look? Documentaries will be created in 3D especially ones about nature or space, imagine seeing the Hubble imagines in 3D, wait a minute you can on a massive IMAX and if you live in the US. I would buy a 3D TV just for that alone, the one thing that I think would not do well, is drama, or comedy; horror knows they have a niche market, and definitely porn will find a way to make a buck or two.

Gaming will also benefit, and I would imagine the internet, dating sites will do a roaring business when you can see a 3D version of a potential partner. The ability to see objects we have never had the good fortune to see before, whatever they are. The opportunities are endless, making cheap 3D monitors for computers, so the internet will become 3D; I see that side of the 3D revolution potentially being the biggest, and most influential over all. Learning will never be the same again.

So even though the film industry has for years tried to destroy 3D, now technology has advance enough, to allow 3D to enter our living rooms, and change our visual experience for the first time since the emergence of television itself.


I forgot the one area where we will see a 3D market, smart phones with 3D screens, and eventually the ability to show 3D without the need for glasses.

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