Saturday, 22 January 2011

Ummm a worrying trend

Is it good, that as I progress in my writing prowess; that I notice all the stupid grammatical errors, the poor use of punctuation, the lack of sentence awareness.  And the general poor level of my writing skills (that was deliberate I hope).  Is it good that I notice this now, whereas in the past, I was unable to comprehend such details?  I would hope it is, the worrying part is, that even though I am starting to see my poor use of English, I don’t seem to be improving.  Or am I improving, and like when you suddenly start to realise you are fat, and need to lose weight; will it suddenly dawn on me.  I don’t know to be honest, but hey at least I notice bad writing now, so I must be learning something.

I should read my own work back, more thoroughly than I do, Christ it is really bad, too many mistakes.

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