Saturday, 22 January 2011

Take life less seriously in future

You know your life is at the arse end of the barrel, when you are quite content to sit in the house by yourself, watching the British Comedy Awards. Oh well you gotta laugh, and take the piss out of yourself once in a while. It’s got me thinking though as I watched, that I don’t really watch that much comedy, because I didn’t know many of the shows they were awarding. Yet I used to love the good old British Comedy, maybe it shows I am more mature now, and nearing my middle age, halfway through my midlife crisis and taking life a bit too seriously. Or more likely, I’ve turned into a boring bastard.

Yet as I say this, and knowing what I have written in this blog over the past five months, I think, is that long. I feel I have a good sense of humour, and enjoy a good laugh, but I don’t seem to do it much these days; what a boring bastard I have become. Looking back at what I have written makes me think what a pretentious t*at (not sure why on my blog I added the * instead of a w) I’ve turned into, or maybe I have always been like that and just never realised it.

So in future I will endeavour, though likely to fail, in taking life a little less seriously, and try to enjoy it more. A bit like I used to, when I was younger and less cynical, and before shitness of life engrained its terrible brown stain on me.

Life's a bitch and then you die, so why not laugh whilst you stuck in the middle of it. Thank humans for comedy, for without it everyone would be boring, self righteous bastards, like me haha.

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